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DEVELOPER NOTE: This is an early development version of the game. All feedback is appreciated below as we work on the game to fine tune, polish and add features going forward. Hope you enjoy!


RetroRhythm is a rhythm game with all original music inspired by iconic retro games! There are 3 selectable difficulty modes available, so anyone can enjoy the game, from complete beginners to veteran rhythm game aficionados!


  • 4 Songs, each with 3 different difficulty modes, for a total of 12 note charts.
  • High score tracking between sessions.
  • Latency adjustment for different monitor/audio setups.

Upcoming Features

  • More music tracks.
  • Ability to change key bindings and added controller support.
  • Retro inspired animations that are reactive to the gameplay on screen.


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(Windows) RetroRhythm 0.5.3.zip 26 MB
(Linux) RetroRhythm 0.5.3.zip 33 MB
(Mac) RetroRhythm 0.5.3.zip 48 MB

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Just want to ask why make the song stop with too many mistakes?

That makes it hard to practice a song since it makes the player wait for the music to stop and wait for the option to retry or quit.

Hi there! Thank you for the feedback and sorry for taking so long to get back to you. The 2/3 seconds where the song grinds to a halt before the fail menu pops up is more of a style choice. I feel it's a better transition than just stopping the song immediately and popping the menu up and I don't think it wastes too much time (it should be exactly 2.5 seconds).

This is something we will bare in mind going forward however and if it feels too obstructive/time wasting we will change it :)

It is better to have those 2/3 seconds than just immediately stoping but I was talking more about using the "R" key to restart instead of the menu like when you reset a race in a racing game even if you can (and probably will a few times) watch the car crashing before the option is shown with a menu.

Thanks for reading my comment and replying.

Ahhhh, I see what you mean. Adding in a quick restart button for practice is something we could implement quite easily. I'll look into adding this for the next version we release :)